Botanium is a compact, easy and effortless way of growing. Its a hydroponic pot, which means it grows plants like chilies, herbs and tomatoes without soil. It waters the plants automatically. The result? Faster growth and no need to worry about over or under watering. Leave it for a month and get back to a healthy plant.

Botanium is a simple planter that takes care of the boring parts of growing and lets you enjoy the fun parts. All you need to do is to fill the water tank every now and then, and add some nutrients (included)

Grow herbs like basil, oregano or mint. Or chili, tomatoes or strawberries. Botanium works especially well with thirsty plants that normally would require very frequent watering. Plants do however have different nutrient requirements. This is easy to adjust - just add less or more nutrients. The correct amount of nutrients needed for the plant YOU are growing will be specified in the included Botanium User Guide.

Dimensions: 136 mm (5.3") x 250 mm (9.8")
Color: White, grey or green.
Power: 5V
Electronics: The built in timer powers on the pump every 8th hour.
Usage: Indoor use only


Growing medium
User guide
Power plug


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