We love city farming. In this shop you find products that are easy to use and will look good in your home.
By growing your own food you never have to worry about where it comes from and how it has been treated.

City Farming

Veggies have become globetrotters. They travel all around the world to get to your local store and finally to your kitchen. Actually, as much as a third never even ends up on a plate, but instead are thrown away.
We want to change this sad story. Veggies do not have to travel that far – they can be grown in the city, in your home.


Some cool stuff for you to read and wear while waiting for your plants to grow.

How to not kill a plant This is Crux, a pot in which you can grow things like c..
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A complete VPLANT-set ready to use after installation. The package contains: 3 x 100 cm shelves&n..
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Unisex Printed Tee 100% Jersey Cotton Ringspun 155 g Width: Small: 18"/46 cm Medium: 20"/51 cm..
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The demand for a renewal of capitalism is great and must be implemented as soon as possible. Society..
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